Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Margarita!!!!

Margaritas!! Love 'Em!!
Margarita's have always been a part of our life. Not that we drink heavily but it seems that they tend to pop up whenever we have a get together. When we created or first menu I had an idea...a margarita cupcake. I had no idea how it would made, what the recipe would consist of but I knew that when the time came we'd figure it out and it would be delicious! I knew it had been created before but at CRAVE we make sure ours is the best...ever!
Finally an order! One dozen Margarita cupcakes. I told V we had an order for them, she knew we could create something phenomenal but left it up to me to tackle, my mother thought i was crazy! And when I told both of them I wanted to sprinkle a little salt on top I think they thought I was literally crazy!!!
I knew I wanted the base cake to be our Classic Yellow. Its moist, fluffy and of course yellow! I added fresh lime and lemon juice plus some zest and of course Tequila! First taste...good. They baked up beautifully, plump and super moist. 
Tasty Deliciousness!
Now the buttercream...to it I also added the lime and lemon and of course the Tequila. Piped that on top and sprinkled it with a little margarita salt. Now for the taster...PERFECT! V and Mom approved!!
Little did we know that the one cupcake we put on our menu with no recipe or no clear idea of what we would do would become our "Best Seller" and "Most Talked About". We have people drive 30-40 minutes into town for a single Margarita cupcake. Women tackling each other for a taste. 
We Love Margaritas!!!

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