Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Newest Creation...The Best Yet!

Alot has changed since our last post in November...clearly since we haven't posted anything for several months our hectic schedules and lack of blogging time hasn't. We've created lots of new and interesting items and been able to participate in a few amazing events around our area. One of us has been able to quit our paying job while the other just got busier. But...I think we would rather have little time then too much time.

Our biggest change will occur In just two short months. We are about to add a incredibly new and exciting part to our crazy bakery life. I can say without a doubt or any amount of hesitation that our newest creation is definitely our best ever! Priceless really!!! It is going to be the cutest cupcake anyone has ever seen. In late April we be welcoming to the world...a little baby! 

The past seven months have been quite a smooth journey. The hardest issue to overcome was the forgetfulness...we had quite the system in place for baking, frosting and finishing and often joked that we could crank out hundreds of cupcakes without saying a word to each other and we had a secret unspoken system of communication we called "unagi" (after a Seinfeld episode)...but "unagi" left us for a few frustrating months and it seemed just when we figured out the new way of communcating "unagi" returned.

So what does this mean for CRAVE? Our little cupcake will arrive just one month before our busy summer season starts. As the father and bakery salesman I was naturally nervous as how are going to make this work...mother and cupcake genius was quick to say "we'll bring it with us!" Farmers Market, Third Thursday Street Festivals and all...I'm sure the YaYa and Lola (The Grandmothers) won't mind holding the little masterpice for several hours either!

As I am sure you are wondering..what is it? Well we have chosen to be one of the very few now a days that doesn't find out - crazy I know! So stay tuned as I'm sure the arrival will equal a new blog post... 

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