Tuesday, April 24, 2012

420 Cupcake - 39 Weeks Pregnant....WHAT?!?!?

420 Cupcakes...No Problem! 420 Cupcakes...39 Weeks Pregnant...Maybe A Problem!
A few months ago CRAVE was asked to create cupcakes for an amazing organization here in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Being asked to participate in this amazing fundraiser is a true honor so we had to jump on the bandwagon (or should I say carousel...you'll understand later).
CARES (www.klamathlakecares.org) is local organization that provides child abuse assessment services to basin children to help victims of child abuse. Their yearly fundraising dinner draws in hundreds of locals and is definitely a privilege to be a part of both for recognition and to support a great cause. 
El Churro
This years theme was CIRCUS OLE! A mexican-style circus with acrobats, performers and carousel houses too! Everything was bright colors and over the top ideas. Having CRAVE be a part of this event was pure perfection.
We had to say YES! even though the event was a mere 5 days before the due date of our first baby. V was somewhat reluctant to sign on but knew what an  honor it was so she gave her seal of approval. 
Mexican Chocolate
As the day approached the menu ideas began rolling in, Churros, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Mexican Chocolate, Mango, Sweet...Salty...Spicy! The ideas were endless but we knew we had to narrow it down the just 4...anymore and it would have been madness trying to complete them in time. 
So we decided on our top 4 favorites: Margarita, Mexican Chocolate, Churro & Snow Cone. I took the helm of shopping, scaling & mixing because he knew V couldn't do too much...because Baby needed to what until after the cupcakes were delivered to arrive and V needed every ounce of rest to be able to crank out 400 cupcakes day of the event.
Snow Cone! It's A Circus Classic!
The baking day approach and while we arrived to the bakery slightly behind schedule we both stayed focused on our goal...completed just before I had to go to work. Baking finished smoothly...oddly smooth. As the decoration re informants arrived (my family with lunch in hand) it was time to finish these bad boys off with buttercream and goodies. That tasks was finished...oddly smooth. V was even able to power through her carpal tunnel (a strange pregnancy side effect)
We were done...with plenty of time to spare. This wasn't normal...generally we finished with no time to spare, V would remain cool and calm, i would be "freaking out" as she says but this time it just worked...oddly smooth. No water breaking, no contractions the little baby did in fact wait to make his arrival.
Was it the baby? Had we just grown so much since our last order? Did we finally find "the routine"...NICE! Whatever it was; we'll take it!
The 420 Mexican Circus-inspired cupcakes were loaded and delivered smooth as butta!
Now our little Mexican-Filipino-American cupcakes can be delivered smooth as butta! Now...we wait...and wait...

Photo By: Kelly Armio - Armijo Desings - www.kellyarmijo.com

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