Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did You Say Martha Stewart?

Last summer we we're asked to create a very simple wedding cake. The bride wanted nothing fussy, 3 tall tiers, simple flavors and white buttercream. Most wedding cake creators would laugh this off as wedding cake tend to be very extravagant pieces art. We LOVED this! We loved simplicity and this cake was the perfect cake for CRAVE to create. 

The bride and groom lived 5 hours away from us and the location of their wedding, which meant alot of emails back and forth regarding flavors, heights etc. As we learned more and more about the couple the simplicity of their wedding and the love they shared reminded us of our wedding just the year before. Which made this cake even more special to us.

The day arrived and we're up early in preparation for the Lemon Chaffon cake...J was pulling double duty as he works for the caterer that was bringing food. We decided to assemble the cake there, since the drive was about 30 minutes away and full twists and turns. 

Man was that a heavy cake! Who know that flours, sugar and butter could be so heavy! Upon arriving we quickly assembled the cake and the attached the cake topper, simple scrabbled letters the groom attached together with twine. We loved it!

Now...several months later, we received another email from the bride. She said her wedding (and our cake!) is being featured on! )

What an honor! A cake we created, on a website that we used so much for planning our own wedding and we know millions of others couples use as well. J dropped everything to stare at the computer screen in awe of what we saw, called V who said "Nut 'Ah! Are you for reals? Did you say Martha Stewart?".

Quickly texting the link to pretty much everyone we knew and then another several minutes of computer was truly a dream come true!
Thank you Luke & Lyn for allowing to not only be a party of your dream come true but allowing us to fulfill two of ours...creating a beautiful cake and having it featured on a truly amazing website! We are still on cloud 9 and plan on being here for a long while!!!

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  1. You guys are so sweet! Your cake was not only beautiful, but absolutely delicious! We loved every bite and so did our guests! Even though we were far away, it was so easy to work with you and you delived a cake that was EXACTLY what we were looking for.

    I love hearing that our day reminded you of your wedding as well. It was so special to us and it means a lot!

    Thank you and best of luck to you all and your fantastic business!
    Love, Lyn (the bride :))